Saturday, 7 September 2013

Of baby checklist and preparation

Hai and salam lovers.

This week dah masuk my 28 weeks, x sangka pejam celik, dah 7 months dok usung my lil precious inside this tummy! Hehe (^_^)... Alhamdulillah, so far everything went well for me, baby and abbi. Eventho there are some unpleasant tragedies happened to all of us, but Allah itu adil dan penyayang, we manage to go through everything with sabar and big smiles!

So, for today post I would loveeee to share my own checklist towards the preparation to welcome our lil caliph. (0__o)" Dolu-dolu dok sebok kehulur-kehilir bawa checklist nak kawen, tup-tup skang dah kuar checklist baru! Rase matureddd sgt uollss. Hehe. Bawah ni list of basic things for baby, list for ummi kiv dulu, biaq pi lepas barang2 baby dlu, xpe ummi berkorbannnn. :P hihi.

1. Clothes
a. Rompers | Done | Mostly bought in big size 3-6 months
b. Baju lengan pendek | Done
c. Baju lengan panjang | Done
d. Baju jalan-jalan | Ok, belum ade lagi, still googling here and there
e. Legging | Up gell baby nowadays, dah pakai legging, shall buy 2-3 pieces for my lil precious too!
f. Mittens and botties | Done, but nak beli socks pulok!
g. Boonet | KIV
h. Barut | KIV
j. Bedung | KIV

2. Diapering
a. Wet tissue | Done, borong Pureen byk2, xcukup jugak xtaw la
b. Changing mat | Done, beli size paling besar, bergolek la anak syg kt ats tu smpai setaun!
c. Detergent | Done, setong je pon beli, cukup la kan?
d. Kain Lampin | Done, printed mickey mouse, huntung la anak ummi!
e. Pampers | KIV, still searching for reviews. Mamy Poko or Drypers? (T_T) Lap peluh tgk harge!

3. Grooming
a. Bedak | Done
b. Losyen | Done, organic losyen babeyhh!
c. Minyak baby | KIV
d. Sikat | KIV, errr, peluk ke tak ekh?
e. Cotton bud | KIV
f. Nail clipper | Done
g. Thermometer | KIV, beli kat guardian je nanti
h. Nappy cream | Done, organice jugok nie.
i. Bath tub | Done, RM20 je, muroh sangat dah ni. Xpayah nak canggih2, nanti ummi jeles. Dh bertahun mengidam nak umah ade bathtub, xpenoh nak dapattt....!
j. Towels | Done, 2 pieces. Cukup ke ekh?

4. Sleep
a. Set tilam | KIV
b. Mainan baby | KIV
c. Baby cot| KIV
d. Kelambu | Done, penting nie! Skang musim nyamuk menyerang!!
e. Selimut | KIV

5. Feeding
a. Botol + Puting | Baru beli sejibik, thought of adding another one, Tommee Tippe, maybe ?
b. Sterilizer | KIV, dah lepas pantang baru beli. Tym pantang gune tradisional, nenek2 nanti xtahu nak guna.
c. Berus pembersih botol | Done
d. Bottle warmer | Same macam Sterilizer
e. Breast pump | Ni paling bersyukur. Alhamdullilah dah beli, puas hati bile pg kdai and survey sendiri
f. Cooler bag + ice gel | Done, package with breastpump
g. Bottle storage | Done, package with breastpump jugak!

I choose this for the lil one coz bace banyak jugak good reviews. Walaupun  botol ni x gorgeous, as long as it is safe for lil baby, I have no regret to spend the money. Working in manufacturing company makes me really fussy on the quality of each products.

6. Travel
a. Beg Baby | Done
b. Carrier | KIV
c. Car seat |KIV
d. Stroller | KIV

 Ok. So far rasenye itu je lah barang-barang basic yang perlu ada kan? Barang-barang besar like carrier, stroller, baby cot, sumenye kiv dulu. Biaq p ummi-baby bonding sepanjang berpantang. Abbi dh boleh tdo jauh2 sikit sebab ummi nanti, inshaAllah dah ade peneman baru (suke letewwww sbb xde org merengek suro teman tdo sbb takut tdo sorunk2 dalam gelap) hehe. =P

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Dilemma HOspital & Doctor Bersalin

Salam eidfitri lovelies,

Today dah 2nd Syawal. Alhamdulillah I had a blast 1st Syawal with my family and in-laws. (^_^) And tahun ni is much more meaningful dengan rezeki dari Allah s.w.t with the lil one yang actively kicking in ummi's tummy. Love you my baby!

Sebenarnya this round nak cerita bout my preparation towards my birth plan. Ujung minggu dah genap masuk 6 months and supposely I should be finalizing list of hospital and doctors utk bersalin nanti. Tapi, it was not easy for a first timer like me. To be frank, I don't mond either hospital govn or private. Yang paling penting I want my hubby to be next to me, anytime I need him, doesn't want doctor pelatih to sibuk2 and bbuat experiment on me and yang penting jugak, xmahu orang2 yang garang during my labour nnt!

So, above all, to get such demands usually ppl akan ckp pergi je private but I still believe certain hosp gov pon dah sgt up to standard kan? There are also hosp govn with scheme FPP.

Ok. Itu on my demand. Untuk $$$$ pulok, frankly we are really on a tight budget. Eebie anje dah x banyak OT. And I need to make saving for mmy labour too. Memang kalo xde keimanan, boleh jadi meroyan! Tapi, I keep remind myself, xpe trust on Him, rezeki baby pasti ada. And bila keresahan, I'll usap2 peyut and tell my lil one, "syg, ummi will try the best to give you the best for ur life,  but, kite kene sentiasa beringat pd ketentuan Allah. So, anywhere you're going to come out, please be strong and we will do this in the least pain ok?"...

Waktu mula2 tahu pasal our lil precious, I told eebie anje, I want to go to PMC under dr zarul. Coz my officemate ramai yg experience dgn dr zarul and sume org pon give good review. I had my early checkup with him too. Serious, dr zarul sgt kacak and lembut sgt2 org nya. Boleh jatuh cinta okayh? Haha. (^_^).. But mase msk 3, 4 months kecoh pulak pasal isu doctor lelaki and darurat. So, at that moment eebie mcm berat hati nak benarkan wifey cute die bersalin with doc laki.

I was a bit disappointed jugak la sbb waktu tu dh mmg selesa and feel confident with dr zarul. Coz eventho dia seorg lelaki, dia sgt2 respect his patient. Everytime scan mmg dr nak the husband to be next to the wifey and sebelum scan, bacaan bismillah xpernah dilupakan. I just feel happy sgt with him. Tapi, as a wife, kene la patuh ckp eebie anje kan? Hihi.

So, I left with dr ratna, from PMC jugak, but review on her is not as good as dr zarul ='( Kita ni walaupun plan and choose macam2, in the end Allah jugak yang akan tentukan kan? In my 5 months, we realize we had an issue with our saving. Nak beli barang baby is not cheap! And saving pulok nak kene divide into 3, (I) duit bersalin (ii) duit barang baby (iii) duit aqiqah and after bersalin.

Pheww. Lap peluh! ='( After knowing we need to have a backup plan, I start to read review on govn hosp. And I come across FPP in selayang. Tapi, doctor pakar yang ade sumenye lelaki! I tried to slow talk with eebie coZ the overall cost in hosp selayang is slightly cheaper than PMC. Just the issue doc is doc laki.

We had a long talk bout this and I try my best to talk as calm as possible coz I know eebie anje akan rase stress when it comes to money. But it ends up with a lil bit miscommunication,  again. ='( *nanges lagi*

Eebie wants me to go to normal govn hosp which is lots cheaper. Tapi i really dont want to face that scary situation by myself. Xmahu. Enuff la terseksa during bleeding dlu. Pelatih doc yg terlebih effort make a vaginal checkup on me bile xnampak baby sac. Dah la main cucuk macam tu, hengat macam lubang gua hagaknya. Last, bile dox dtg, die buat scan je and found out everything is ok!

So, you understand how I wish to avoid all these experiment thingy? Esp on my 1st pregnancy experienxe. ='( I still want to hope and keep praying,  our saving akan cukup by the time our baby wants to meet his/her ummi and baby.


In conclusion,  am still in dilemma.
Birth plan need to be submitted soon.
I need to get a doc pakar to support all those birth planning.
Ya Allah, permudahkan segalanya buat kami.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Natural Birth, InshaAllah

Salam lovelies.

How is your Ramadhan? Mine, alhamdulillah, masih berpuasa penuh. *clapclap* Eventho ada hari yang ada sesi muntah-memuntah, but still ummi and baby manage to stay strong. yebbaaaaa. Kalau puasa penuh boleh la buat muka paling cute depan en suami and minta duit raya lebihhh. (^____^).. ayang cyg eebie lebihh2.!!

Back to the above title post, sekarang ni berusaha merajinkan diri membaca and do research towards preparation nak bersalin nanti. Makin membesar perut nie, makin takut-takut sikit pikir saat-saat bersalin nanti. Ditambah dengan cerita2 scary dari orang yang berpengalaman. (T__T)...

Alhamdulillah, one lovely day, I found out cerita-cerita best pasal bersalin and since that I do more and more research. Which eventually I found out ada teknik-teknik tertentu rupanya untuk bersalin. Teknik bernafas, meneran and teknik baring pon ada okayh!! And suma nie kena belajar and practise, bukan simply2 masuk wad bersalin and terus teran macam nak yakk-yakk.

For starting, I share with you some of important questions to be ask to your doctor before you deliver. This will a bit help in achieving natural and gentle birth. Apepon, ini cuma usaha, in the end Allah yang akan tentukan segalanya. (^__^)

  • Under what circumstances would you suggest an induction to start labor and what induction methods do you use?
  • How would you want to manage my pregnancy if it passes beyond my due date?
  • How do you feel about not doing any vaginal exams, since I don’t want to know the dilation stage?
  • How often and how long do you find it necessary to monitor the fetal heart beat? What positions can I be in whilst being monitored?
  • What are your views on time limits during each stage of labor and when the bag of water has broken?
  • How often do you find it necessary to cut an episiotomy?
  • How flexible are you and the nursing staff in allowing me to do what feels best for me? For example: eating and drinking, more than one support person and tools that I wish to have in the room (husband and doula, birthing ball and stool, music and my own clothes) and time alone with my husband or birthing partner if I request it?
  • How do you feel about me labouring and birthing in any position (including off the bed or on all fours) and pushing to my own urges?
  • What is your percentage of caesarean sections?
  • What is your percentage of assisted deliveries (i.e. forceps/ventouse)?
  • What is your percentage of intervention compared to a completely natural birth? This includes inducing, epidurals, use of pitocin, assisted delivery and third stage management.
  • What alternative methods of pain relief do you encourage?
  • What can I do prior to the birth to help me prepare for labour?
  • How do you feel about delayed cord clamping and natural delivery of the placenta?
  • What are your views on my baby staying with me at all times after birth, as I understand how critical this time is for bonding and breasteeding?
  • What if I choose to decline an intervention, medication or procedure? Will my decisions be respected
Ok. Tu je information for today. Ummi nak pergi bersiap cantik-cantik for iftar tonight. All of us going to have a berbuka puasa at Hotel Ampang, one of ayah's friend belanja. Rezeki baby, bersyukur sangat.

Till then,
Take care lovelies.

p.s  : One of the contractor bagi hadiah kupon Jusco RM200 to buy baby stuff. Alhamdulillah again. Rezeki baby, Allah dah permudahkan. Anyhow, baby stuff dah beli dah, ambil kesempatan sales raya. hihi.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

First checkup with Dr Zahrol

Dear our little caliph,

Ummi went for our first medical checkup last Friday. Alhamdullilah, everything seems to be good for us. In fact, Dr Zahrul terkejut when ummi bgtaw ummi dah pregnantkan kamu. First word from Dr Zahrol : "Alhamdullilah, jumpa saya terus pregnant ye kamu?" :) Alhamdullilah doctor, rezeki Allah.

Before start checkup, ummi ngadu kat doctor regard the frequent mild cramp yg ummi rasa, which usually happen masa waktu petang and malam. Kadang-kadang, rasa macam nak letup je perut ummi ni. Doctor cakap maybe perut ummi byk angin or gastric.. Ouch! Syg, ummi dah mamam banyak sangat taw skang ni. Abi pon terkejut and kecut perut tgk cara ummi makan.. hihi :) Xpelah, lepas ni ummi work harder ntok makan lebih ye? (which means kne work hardest utk dptkan shape blk. ngeee.)

During the checkup, doctor amek berat badan ummi and scan tgk pembesaran kamu. Time amek berat badan tu mmg berderau jugak darah, ummi gained almost 6 kgs! Huwaa... Tp, you are still cutest tiny caliph in tummy ummi. I was so happy and smiling ear-to-ear sewaktu doctor tunjuk kamu kat screen. Doctor give one copy of your picture too...

Abi is holding picture of you. :) Abi cakap kecikknyaa, so perut ummi ni sebenanye byk lemak. huh!! :'(
Alhamdullilah, next checkup doctor nak check degupan jantung kamu.. Can't wait for that moment sayang.. Harapan ummi, kamu membesar dengan baik kat dalam nie. We together2 sokong satu sama lain till next 9 months ya? I'll be expecting to meet you somewhere in December. :) Kamu paut kuat2 kat ummi ye sayang? Ummi, abi and sume org syg sgt kat kamu.

Ya Raqib. Ya Raqib. Ya Raqib.


Thursday, 4 April 2013

Kuatkan semangat

Ya Allah. Ko kuatkan lah semangat aku.... Xpernah rase perasaan yg mcm ni.. berikanlah aku semangat dan kekuatan iman.. Lindungilah aku dan anakku.. Jauhkan lah kami dr sebarang gangguan....

Dear readers,
Mohon doanya utk kami..
Saya sgt2 takut..

Monday, 1 April 2013

Friday, 29 March 2013

The very first time I saw you, our big love

Dear our little Khalif,

Thank you sayang, for being strong and stay near to ummi. 
Ummi terkejut, teruja, gembira bila tengok kamu tadi.. 

Everything begins since yesterday.
Ummi and abi decided check for kesuburan, just in case ade pape problem, then, both of us can take early countermeasure.
Tapi, entah kenape, ummi dah dapat rasakan kehadiran kamu since jumaat lepas lagi, the day you're suppose to implant kat rahim ummi. Ummi dapat rasakan seperti menyucuk2 kat ovari kiri and kanan, kadang-kadang terase macam sedikit cramp.
Ummi betul2 dapat rasakan kamu sampai ummi marah2 and nanges kat abi sebab bawa kereta laju-laju and kereta terhenjut kuat2. Masa tu ummi x cakap kat sesiapa pun lagi, ummi takut, ummi tersalah rasa.

Yang ummi tahu, ummi hanya minta pada Allah and pesan pada anak ummi ni "anak ummi paut kuat-kuat kat ummi ye?" sambil selawat and zikir urut perut ummi. Ummi cuba buat upt testing, 2-3 days before due date period, but the result turn negative. Ummi sedikit hampa, tapi x pernah berputus asa berdoa pada Allah s.w.t.

28th March 2013, 7.00 a.m
Period ummi dah delay one day. Pagi tu ummi bangun and terus buat upt test, ummi cakap,if turn out positif, xperlu la buat ujian kesuburan lagi :) However, 5 mins tunggu, result still negative. Ummi hampa lagi. Tapi ummi tetap kuatkan semangat,urut2 kamu.. :)

28th March 2013, 8.45 a.m
Ummi dah nak keluar dengan abi ke Putra Medical Centre. Ummi amek balik test upt tadi and MashaAllah, ummi nampak faint line. Ummi xbgtaw kat abi pon. Sepanjang perjalanan, ummi cume zikir banyak2, bagi doctor nampak anak ummi ni. Kami jumpe Dr Zahrol. Unfortunately, doctor xnampak kamu, doctor cakap kemungkinan ummi akan period in 2-3 days time and bertambah sedih, doctor jumpe cyst dalam tiub ummi. Ummi kecewa. ummi x sure sgt ape itu cyst but ummi tahu itu commonly term in infertility. Doctor bagi ummi clomid, co-enzyme Q10 and acid folic. Abi pulak, kene hanta for sperm analysis on 6th April.

28th March 2013, 11.30 a.m
Ummi amek ubat and turn out a BOOM cost for us! RM270.00.. Xpelah, waktu tu ummi dah janji akan lakukan apa jua. Dalam kereta, ummi banyak diam, merenung jauh. Tapi, ummi masih pegang kemas perut ummi, terus dan terus berzikir untuk kamu.. Ummi pesan kat kamu "paut ummi sayang, pegang kuat2 kat ummi".. :'( Lepas amek kad nikah, ummi ajak abi pergi makan nasi Arab, ntah kenapa teringin sangat nak makan. Mengidam mungkin :)

28th March 2013, 5.00 p.m
Ummi minta maaf sayang. Ummi dah terabaikan kamu. Ummi cuba hilangkan rasa sedih, so ummi decided kemas sume bahagian dalam rumah, secara tak langsung banyak benda2 berat ummi angkat. Dalam 5.30, ummi tergerak nak buat test lagi. Ummi dapat rasakan kamu ada. Senyap2 ummi pergi ke toilet and buat upt test. Kali ni ummi gune yang clearblue digital. Lame taw ummi tunggu dalam toilet tu. Mula2 ummi nampak word "pregnant", ummi dah gigil2 dalam toilet.. Few minutes later, ummi nampak 1-2 weeks, ummi terus nanges2 and kuar toilet jumpe abi. Abi, macam xpercaya, die cakap result ni belum sah lagi sbb doctor dh declare ummi akan period in 1-2 days. Ummi kecewa dengan abi, so ummi check with some experience and 100% cakap ummi pregnant. Syukur, Ya Allah. Ummi xlepas2 pegang perut ummi.

Ini test yang ummi buat

Tengok abi kamu tu, sibuk lagi game bola nye.. hihi..

28th March 2013, 11.00 p.m
Ummi rasa saket sangat kat ovari kiri. Sakit sangat-sangat sayang. Ummi risau. Abi ajak ummi pergi klinik Shamsuddin, jumpe seorang doctor muda. Dia check and bg refer letter ke Assunta, katenya risau ectopic pregnancy. Ummi risau, abi risau. Sampai ke rumah, ummi solah isya and solat hajat. Mohon kamu kuat dalam rahim ummi, mohon rahim ummi sesuai untuk pembesaran kamu. Ummi nanges. Tido pon menanges.

29th March 2013, 2.20 p.m
Ummi buat appointment dengan Dr Liew, a very nice doctor. Ummi cerita sumenye. Doctor senyum cakap response badan ummi sangat bagus sebab dapat detect prengancy in very early stage. Tengok doctor senyum, ummi rasa sedikit lega. Doctor scan ummi, die cakap nak cari kamu.. Mula-mula tu xnampak pon, doctor suspected mungkin terlalu awal. Ummi selawat-selawat, pujuk kamu tunjukkan diri kat ummi. Dan MashaAllah, for the very 1st time, ummi nampak kamu. Tecik sangat-sangat :') Baru 0.30 cm... MashaAllah. Doctor kate sumenye ok. Ummi speechless. Xtahu nak cakap ape. Doctor cakap pembesaran kamu sama macam usia kamu. Alhamdullilah, everything is good, for now. Doctor bagi banyak sangat pesanan. InshaAllah, ummi akan bagi yang terbaik untuk kamu, sayang.

Kamu macam ni la dalam perut ummi. Comel kan? Anak ummi, duduk baik2 dengan ummi ye?

Ni sume pesanan Dr Liew kat ummi. Ummi dah xboleh makan tomyam. Tapii, doc bg ummi minum nescaffe lg.Hihii

Terima kasih anak ummi, for being strong.
Ummi percaya kamu anak yang kuat dan baik.
Kita sama-sama lalui kehidupan ini ye sayang?
Abi pon dah semakin manjakan ummi, untung kann? hihi..
Shukran Ya Allah. Lindungi lah keluarga ku.

Anak ummi. Andai kamu bace ni nanti, ketahuilah, ummi menyayangi kamu sejak dari pertama kali ummi rasa kehadiran kamu, sayang. I love you lots, Abi pon love you banyak2.



The News (",)


Hai lovelies. Xtahu macam mana nak mulakan post ni. Xtahu either should I shout it here or simpan je dalam hati. Speechless. hehee..

This might be too early to annouce ke semua orang but since this blog is considered as my personal diary, so, decided nak tulis kat sini je lah.. You guys yg bace ni is antara orang2 terawal yang dapat tahu pasal news ni taww... Untung takkkk? *ehem**ehem*

Before sy further cerita, sy nak ucapkan kesyukuran sangat-sangat pd Allah s.w.t pada rezeki yang telah diberikan pada kami. Alhamdullilah, Ya Allah. Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah. Aku mohon kau berikan lah kekuatan pada ku dan anak ku. Kuatkan lah semangat kami, lindungi lah kami, permudahkan segala urusan kami. Aminn ya rabb. (",)...

SO?? Makaaaa..??

Are you guys smiling like the ummi-to-be now? :) Alhamdullilah, after all the not-so-good news, tears and worries, kuasa Allah, Dia sampaikan satu berita yang tak disangka langsung. In fact, en suami pon still xpercaya lagi sampai tahap sy menanges-nanges pukul die and yet dia terpaksa berhenti kan kereta tepi jalan demi memujuk isteri yg makin mengada-ngada nie :)

Can you see the result ?? hihi..

Rasanya ini dulu lah.. For the progress, nak update kat post lain :) Mohon doanya buat kami semua ya?
Thank you.
Thank you.